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What to Expect with Smoke Testing

Did you know that smoke can follow your plumbing system, creeping through the holes around pipes? Did you know that hot smoke, like hot air, moves to higher areas? Hot smoke also moves to cooler areas. Did you know that smoke can become pressurized and penetrate small areas? It can also get inside wall insulation and air ducts. These behaviors mean that despite your best attempts at keeping smoke out, smoke may have penetrated your home.

When you schedule smoke testing with us, we follow a process that takes into account the behavior of smoke, type of smoke, and the unique layout of your home. We will come in at the scheduled time and thoroughly inspect your home for smoke damage. We draw detailed diagrams and move from room to room inspecting the house for signs of visible and invisible damage. We use swaps, microvacs, and tape lifts to collect samples for later analysis.

We are committed to:

  • Discovering the full extent of the damage
  • Performing accurate smoke damage tests
  • Using only the finest, accredited smoke testing labs in the nation
  • Identifying unaffected areas so that further damage can be avoided
  • Recommending suitable mitigation measures based on individual circumstances and test results

Depending on our initial assessment, we may recommend temporary living arrangements until the results are in and repairs completed. If you are filing a smoke damage insurance claim, temporary housing costs may be covered under your insurance policy. All of our recommendations are based on individual circumstances and with your best interests in mind.

It does take time to receive lab test results. We will keep you informed throughout the process and provide you with a realistic estimate as to when you can expect to receive them. Once we know the extent of the smoke damage, which areas are affected, and the composition of the particles, we will recommend an appropriate abatement strategy.

We understand how nervous you may be about smoke damage testing and work closely with you to ensure that your home is thoroughly inspected.

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