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Proving Smoke Damage

You suspect your home has smoke damage. After all, smoke billowed through it for several days while nearby wildfires raged out of control. But your insurance company wants proof. Photos of your home enshrouded by smoke may not be good enough because your home looks perfectly fine now. It might not even smell of smoke. Do you toss up your arms and accept that since your home looks fine, it probably is? Or do you set out to prove the damage?

Proving smoke damage is easier when visible signs present themselves. For example, if the white paint on your walls is discolored or soot coats surfaces throughout your home, you have visible evidence of smoke residue. However, microscopic smoke particles require microscopic technologies to detect and document their presence. The only reliable way to prove invisible smoke damage is through smoke testing.

Your insurance company will likely require that your smoke testing goes through an accredited lab. In addition, some testing technologies have fallen out of favor due to inconclusive results. Because of this, it's important to use an accredited smoke testing lab equipped with the latest technologies including Electron Microscopy which is highly accurate.

Armed with conclusive lab results from an accredited smoke testing lab, you have the information needed to:

  • Prove your insurance claim
  • Understand the scope, cause, and characteristics of the smoke damage
  • Determine appropriate abatement measures

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