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Three Signs that Your Home Should be Tested for Smoke

Whether huge clouds of smoke from a wildfire smothered your neighborhood or your house was exposed to smoke from another source, the signs of smoke damage aren't always obvious. Though you may smell smoke, you can't always pinpoint where the odor originates. What's more, some severely smoke damaged homes may have no obvious odor at all! Microscopic particles of soot, char, ash, and carbonized material may be present in your home, and these particles can be detected through smoke testing. Below are three signs that you should consider smoke testing for your home:

  • Your home was exposed to smoke from wildfires or nearby structural fires. If heavy smoke enveloped your home, it's likely that some got through. Even if you closed all of the windows and doors, smoke can get in through weep holes in bricks, attic and crawl space vents, gaps in siding, cracks, and other passageways.
  • You or your family members have reported itchy eyes, sore throats, allergies, upper respiratory problems, or other symptoms you think may be related to smoke residue or other irritants. Many homeowners in fire-ravaged areas have reported symptoms such as these. Don't take a chance with your long term health; have your home tested for smoke.
  • You notice ghost-like, sooty stains, see visible signs of char and ash, or smell a smoke odor. These are clear signs that smoke has infiltrated your home. Find out how extensive the damage is and what to do about it by having your home tested for smoke damage.

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