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Comprehensive Smoke Damage Investigations and Testing

We offer comprehensive smoke damage and indoor air quality testing as well as detailed remediation recommendations tailored to the findings of smoke damage in your home.

Combustion By-Products Analysis

Using swabs and microvac samples, we thoroughly sample your home's surfaces, furnishings, and clothing for by-products of combustion. These samples are sent to an accredited lab for Level 1 (char and ash) or Level 2 (char, soot, and ash) analysis.

Common Particle Identification of Combustion By-Products

In addition to analyzing combustion by-products, we also identify common particles and their concentration including: char, soot, ash, black carbon, asbestos, MMVFs, cellulose, synthetics, hair, biological particles, minerals, and more.

Black Carbon Analysis

Black carbon is a fine-grained solid residue left over from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. Black carbon can come from firewood burned in a fireplace, candles, and fuels such as oil, propane and natural gas used in gas appliances. Property damage from black carbon typically involves "ghosting" and sooty stains. Black carbon analysis is useful in determining the origin of the stains and settling smoke damage-related insurance disputes.

Comprehensive Reports

After analysis is complete, you will receive a comprehensive lab report detailing the lab results. We examine the lab results and your property, creating a second report discussing the scope of the smoke damage and our recommendations for abatement.

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