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Which Smoke Damage Test is Right for Your Home?

If your home has visible soot, ghost-like stains or a lingering odor of smoke (or even no odor at all), it may be necessary to have it tested for smoke damage – especially if it was exposed to large clouds of smoke. With a variety of smoke tests available including tests that analyze char, black carbon, soot, indoor air quality, and other forms of smoke damage, which smoke test is right for your home?

It depends on the circumstances surrounding your smoke damage claim. For example, if your home suddenly has sooty stains appearing around vents or on the carpets for no apparent reason, a carbon black analysis test might be the first choice whereas if your home was exposed to large plumes of smoke from a nearby wildfire, it might need a combustion by-products analysis. In fact, your home may need several smoke tests to get to the root of the problem.

In addition, the technology used to analyze samples varies with some labs using inferior testing methods and equipment. For example, some labs continue using Polarized Light or Phase Contrast Microscopes. These microscopes often result in inconclusive results, especially for black carbon.

Having your home inspected and tested for smoke damage by us takes the guesswork out of which smoke test to choose. Our professional smoke damage assessors come to your home and take smoke particle samples from vulnerable areas. We use several sampling methods including wet dust wipes, tape lifts, and microvacs to obtain samples of smoke particles and residue. We then send these samples to an accredited lab that uses state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to analyze and identify the samples. Our testing lab uses Transmission Electron Microscopy to ensure accuracy, particularly in cases involving black carbon.

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